HFO Fuel Saving


Insulation on the inner side of the tank reduces energy consumption by up to 90%

By placing the insulation on the inner side of the Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) tank, the TT EnergyTank insulation method is up to 90% more efficient than other methods of insulation. This is because this method eliminates heat transfer bridges, which make normal insulation methods, where insulation is on the outside of tanks, inefficient – especially on ships where integrated tanks are used.

Insulation between tanks reduces heat leaks

The vessel’s HFO bunker tanks are normally in connection with ballast water tanks or the vessel’s outer skin. With insulation on the inside of the tank the cooling effect of the ballast water or sea water on the bunker tanks is almost completely eliminated.

Reduced energy consumption for booster unit and separator-heaters

A bunker insulated with TT EnergyTank can be kept at a higher temperature without heat losses; as a result the heating system which heats up the HFO bunker before pumping the fuel into the engines also has to work less.

Reduce the use of gas oil in ports

When the HFO bunker tanks are efficiently insulated with TT EnergyTank, the heating of the tanks is minimised and can even be turned off, saving a significant amount of gas oil.