Material & Installation


Insulation material is patented heat-treated wood

The insulation material is organic and the raw material is patented heat-treated wood, which is installed in sections.

Changes in heat or moisture have almost no effect on the size of the material and will therefore not affect the tank structure. It can easily be recycled and it is harmless to machinery and pumps, and to the environment.

Fast, easy installation – even on existing ships

TT EnergyTank isolation for bunker tanks is easily installed in just a few days, on both existing ships and new builds. All materials can be inserted through the manholes in the tank, with no need to cut access holes. The only requirement is that the tanks need to be gas-free before installation. The insulation material is fastened to the ship’s tanks using an innovative quick fastening system, reducing the installation time to just a few days.

Effective, reliable and tested system

The insulation material and fastening system have been tested for oil products up to +200°C and field tested in HFO bunker tanks onboard ships. The insulation is extremely effective, with the thermal coefficient of the material calculated to be around 0,05 W/mK. This value is particularly impressive as it can be applied to the whole surface area of the tank, because this method eliminates cold bridges.

Long lifetime without maintenance

The lifetime of the insulation material is estimated to be longer than the normal lifetime of a vessel and no maintenance is needed. The insulation can, if necessary, be easily removed for repair work or inspections, and reinstalled.

Turnkey Project

We offer a complete turnkey service – energy saving calculations, design work, tank cleaning and the installation of the TT EnergyTank insulation.