Depending on the vessel’s design, its HFO system and its operation profile, the total fuel saving could be several percent of the total consumption. The emissions will also be similarly reduced. The gas oil consumption will be significantly reduced in ports in particular, when tank heating can be turned off.


Engine room temperature reduced
When the ships bunker tanks are insulated with TT EnergyTank the temperature in the engine room becomes easier to control.

Clean steel surfaces reduce fire risk
Surface mounted insulation material easily becomes soiled by a build-up of oil, which is unsightly and increases fire risk. With inside insulation installed in the tanks, the engine room will have clean steel surfaces instead and the fire risk is decreased.

Reduced corrosion
With the TT EnergyTank system installed, tank surface temperatures will be lower. This means that ballast tanks in contact with bunker tanks will not be affected by corrosion in the same way as before.


We offer a complete turnkey service – energy saving calculations, design work, tank cleaning and the installation of the TT EnergyTank insulation.

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